prompt: Kurt being worried that everyone in the apartment can hear them having sex

“Bl-Blaine, you need to be more- ah-”

“What?” Blaine pants out, his breath hot when it tickles against Kurt’s earlobe.

“You need to be more quiet,” Kurt gets out before a high-pitched breathy moan erupts from his throat, his ankles digging further into Blaine’s back.

“I am quiet,” Blaine hisses, propping himself up onto his hands and shooting Kurt a confused look from above, all the while continuing to move his hips back and forth.

It’s exactly this what causes Kurt’s worry.

The bed is squeaking, and it’s squeaking much too loud.

“No, you’re- you’re not I mean – fuck – the bed, too loud,” Kurt manages to get out before Blaine hits that spot inside of him.

“The bed is fine,” Blaine growls, speeding his thrusts up and causing not only for his balls to slap loudly against Kurt’s ass but also for the bed to squeak ten times louder.

It drives Kurt insane. To the point where he can concentrate on nothing else, not even when Blaine starts kissing him deeply.

He places both of his hands on either side of Blaine’s face and gently but firmly pushes him away.

“I-I’m sorry but you really need to- you need to go a bit slower, it’s way too loud.”

“Oh god come on, Kurt,” Blaine groans, sounding now slightly exasperated. “You always tell me to go harder and faster and-”

“I know,” Kurt hisses, clicking his tongue. “But we’re now doing it in a loft full of people and I really can live without their knowing looks and comments later.”

Blaine’s hips come to a halt.

“Do you really think they think we don’t…do it? Like what else should they expect us to do when we excused ourselves and went to your room half an hour ago?” Blaine asks, knitting his brows together and shooting Kurt a disbelieving look.

“Still,” Kurt replies in a hushed voice. “Just…do what you did but do it less loud.”

Blaine lets out a sigh, letting his head hang and shaking it a little before he tilts his chin back up.

“I have a better idea,” he says, and it takes all of Kurt’s willpower to just lie there and listen instead of pushing back against the thick cock inside of him.

“You’re going to ride me, let’s see if you can be less loud.”

“Deal,” Kurt replies in a whisper, wincing slightly when Blaine pulls out of him, causing his hole to clench around nothing.

Moments later, he’s straddling Blaine’s waist.

Blaine shoots him a smug smirk when he places both of his hands on Kurt’s hips.

“So?” he asks, arching his brows a little and Kurt would usually so not tolerate Blaine’s provocative behavior but he’s far too gone to care about it at this point.

The only thing he cares about is having Blaine’s cock back inside of him, and well, proving to Blaine that he won’t cause nearly as much noise as he did.

At first, it goes pretty well. He’s just moving slowly on top of Blaine, enjoying the slick glide of Blaine’s thick cock, the wide stretch of it, the feeling of fullness.

But then Blaine’s hands are squeezing his ass, and the head of Blaine’s cock brushes against that spot again, the one that has him shudder and clench and whimper.

Kurt realizes by then that it’s almost impossible to keep quiet, not when he has no other choice than to give in what his body demands. And it demands of him to fuck himself faster and harder on Blaine’s cock, causing their skin to smack loudly and the bed to squeak and shake.

Eventually, Kurt reaches a point where he doesn’t care anymore, especially when Blaine’s hands go from just squeezing lightly to groping and smacking until it’s nothing but an uncontrollable whirlwind of noise surrounding them.

It doesn’t take long until he comes, and of course he can’t keep quiet this time as well, letting out a row of high-pitched moans as he clenches tightly around Blaine’s cock inside of him, coming in hot white spurts all over his and Blaine’s stomachs.

Blaine follows quickly, holding Kurt’s ass in a tight grip, pounding into it until his eyes roll back into his head, his body tensing up, and then he’s coming, his cock pulsing inside of Kurt and filling him up with his come.

“Oh god,” Kurt breathes as he rolls off of Blaine, falling into the soft mattress and burying his head into a pillow.

Even with Blaine’s come starting to dribble out of his loose and puffy red hole, Kurt doesn’t dare to move and risk the danger of facing Blaine, who – he knows probably propped up on his elbow right now and shooting him a smug grin.

“So, about being less loud,” he starts and Kurt just groans.

“Aww, come on, don’t be like that,” Blaine murmurs after moving closer, leaving a soft kiss on his earlobe and starting to rub his back. “How about I take the walk of shame and get us something from the kitchen, hm?”

“They must’ve heard everything,” Kurt laments, voice muffled by the pillow. “Everything.”

“You know what they didn’t hear?” Blaine asks in a hushed voice and Kurt finally lifts his head from the pillow.

“What?” he asks, bottom lip sticking out in a small pout.

“This,” Blaine says and before Kurt has time to blink, Blaine’s lips are pressed against his. “I love you.”

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