Ann prompted: early klaine + kurt confessing he wants to bottom

happy belated birthday my angel, i love you lots *mwah* ♥♥♥

NC-17 (just to be sure bc a bit of frotting and orgasms and talk about putting things in kurt’s butthole)

“I think about you every time I touch myself.”

It’s a rash comment, whispered in the heat of the moment as their lips and bodies are pressing against each other. However, for Kurt, Blaine’s words are enough to startle him.

“What?” he asks, a stunned look on his face.

“Oh, um, sorry,” Blaine murmurs, cheeks colored with a dark pink blush, “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, it just kind of spilled out of me.”

“No no no, it’s fine. You didn’t make me uncomfortable,” Kurt assures him, his own cheeks warming up with a blush. “It’s just…,” he stops, knitting his brows together as various thoughts begin rushing through his mind.

Kurt wonders how he’s going to tell Blaine, how he’s going to bring up that one subject he’s been urging himself to brace.

It shouldn’t be a big deal, he tells himself. They’ve been dating for nearly six months at this point, and his initial fear of anything sex-related has been long gone.


“I do, too.”

Blaine’s eyebrows arch in surprise at the answer. “You…touch yourself and…think about me?”

“Yeah,” Kurt breathes, a shiver running down his spine at feeling Blaine’s grip on his waist tighten.

“Tell me,” Blaine urges, his eyes half-lidded as he leans in to brush his lips, still warm and damp from kissing earlier, against Kurt’s with a soft moan. “Tell me everything, Kurt.”

“I…I usually just start by…stroking myself a bit,” Kurt whispers, trying to fight the sudden surge of nervousness and embarrassment that’s pooling inside of him. “And I…recently started doing something else.”

Blaine swallows, inhaling deeply through his nose. “Tell me, Kurt.”

Kurt licks his lips. He’s nearly there, just a little bit more until the wall of shame and inhibitions is going to crumble down, he knows it.

Blaine senses it, pulling Kurt closer and rubbing the tips of their noses together in a way that makes Kurt just close his eyes and sigh softly.

“You can tell me anything, I love you so much.” Blaine’s breath is warm against his face, just like the tone of his voice, his embrace, everything about Blaine is warm, and it makes Kurt melt.

“I use my fingers,” he eventually whispers, still not daring to open his eyes. It’s not because of shame, Blaine vanishes every little ounce of it by hugging him tighter. It’s because he feels so content right now, so safe and loved.

They’re so close that Kurt can feel Blaine’s Adam’s apple bop slightly. “You mean…?”

“I slide them inside of me,” Kurt continues, his voice still soft but louder, “I…I don’t know why I did it, I just felt like experimenting a little and…I really like it. Especially when I think of you.”

A small moan slips out of Blaine’s mouth, his hands traveling lower and cupping Kurt’s ass through his jeans.

In the beginning, Kurt had always flinched a little at these sudden touches, uncertain on how to react to such strong signs of desire from Blaine’s side.

Nowadays it’s one of his favorite things, feeling Blaine grope him and showing him just how much he wanted him.

“I imagine…you,” Kurt says, feeling heat spreading in his lower stomach, “I imagine you on top of me and-”

“Oh god, Kurt,” Blaine interrupts, squeezing tightly where he has his grip on Kurt, “You think about me fucking you?”

Kurt’s eyes blink open at the bold language. “Yes, I…I think about you inside of me, a lot.”

“That’s so hot,” Blaine breathes, his hands roaming over Kurt’s ass, squeezing and caressing in turns. “One day, when we’re both ready, I’m going to give you everything you need, I promise. It’s going to be so good, you’re going to feel so good, Kurt I jus-”

Kurt is the one to interrupt this time, pressing their mouths together and plunging his tongue between Blaine’s slightly parted lips.

The heat builds in his stomach, spreading like a fire and buzzing beneath his skin. Kurt can’t help but buck his hips, grinding against Blaine, who has been growing just as hard inside his pants as himself.

Kurt suddenly feels the odd urge to tell Blaine more about what he’s doing in the privacy of his room late at night.

“My fingers feel so good, I feel so full with them and I like it so much and I really want to do it, when we have sex,” he says, “I mean, you…doing it to me, like I do with my fingers.”

“I want you to fuck me, Blaine.” It’s relieving to say it, Kurt realizes.

“Oh god,” Blaine whimpers, pressing his open mouth against Kurt’s chin as he starts to grind his hips forward, and Kurt just slumps back against the mattress when Blaine rolls on top of him, humping him at a frantic pace.

This is what being fucked by Blaine must feel like, Kurt thinks as he lets himself be pressed further into the mattress. And when he remembers that wonderful stretch, the fullness of having his fingers inside of him in combination with that - with Blaine on top of him, heavy and warm - he comes with Blaine’s name on his lips, moaning it softly as he buries his face into the crook of his neck. Blaine follows shortly after, and Kurt holds him close the whole time, whispering a chain of I love you's in his ear.

They’re still lying on Blaine’s bed a while later, and even though a wet spot is forming on the front of Kurt’s jeans where his come is beginning to seep through, he’s way too content and lazy to care at this point.

Maybe he’s imagining things, Kurt wonders a few days later, but he has the impression that somehow after his little revelation, Blaine’s hands find their way to his ass much more often and grope a little bit firmer than before.

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