The King’s Request

Anonymous prompted: Blaine is a king who sees Kurt at a party and wants him brought to his rooms so he can fuck him. Kurt is nervous but willing.

Kurt/Blaine, NC-17 (warnings: first time, small age difference)

Kurt can’t stop his hands from shaking, gripping the silver plates piled with food even harder, as he’s walking over to the long wooden table. He knows he should be used to it by now, after working at the court for nearly two months. However, tonight is different.

The king is celebrating. Therefore a lot more food than usually is required which means him and the other servants are requested to constantly gather the empty plates and refill them. They’re also ordered to walk around and refill the empty goblets of the king’s guests with wine to keep their spirits high, as Madam Margany, the head of the kitchen staff, had told him earlier.

Of course, this also includes seeing the king up close.

King Blaine is a handsome young king, still unwed, without a heir to his throne, and sometimes, when Kurt is lost in his dreams, he likes to imagine being the one to capture the king’s heart.

He knows how silly it is. But dreaming is what keeps him going.

It’s not as if life at the king’s court isn’t good. It’s something a majority of people strive for and Kurt knows there isn’t really much to complain.

The money he’s earning is helping his father, he has a bed to sleep in and a warm meal every day.

But he’s also a bird trapped in a cage, without any hope of ever flying away and living a life that’s his own.

“Kurt, bring that to the king, quick!”

The voice of Lady Margany startles him, and Kurt is glad to have already placed the plate with food he’s been carrying safely on the table. He turns around, knitting his brows in a small frown, “But Madam, aren’t you supposed to serve the king directly? I mean you’ve always-”

“I know, boy. But I have to go back to the kitchen, I don’t trust that Gerald to take good care of my pork,” she says, grimacing a little at mentioning the other man’s name and extending her arms that are holding a small plate full of sea fish. “Just don’t drop them,” is all she says and then Kurt is left alone with his shaking hands holding a plate full of delicacies that are probably worth more than his own life.

“Hey pretty boy, me and my brother want our fish,” a male voice calls, loud and powerful so that it even drowns the sound of the music that’s playing. Kurt turns around, quickly – too quickly and nearly letting the plate slip off his fingers that are damp with cold sweat.

It’s King Cooper, Blaine’s older brother and the ruler of their neighbor kingdom. Kurt feels his cheeks heating up with a blush as he lets his eyes sweep over the man’s very handsome face and he realizes way too late that he’s the pretty boy the man has called for.

“Hey you, pretty thing with the blue eyes, would you mind bringing me and my little brother here some of that delicious fish?”

Kurt wants to disappear.

As he makes his way towards the table, where the two kings are seated, Kurt notices the annoyed look on Blaine’s face. However, the king’s eyes aren’t directed at him, but to his brother, who is shooting Kurt a big grin as he sees the boy approach their table.

“I-I beg for forgiveness your majesty, uh, your majesties, I- uh,” Kurt stops, his cheeks burning by now and his hands shaking so hard that the food is vibrating on the plate.

“What’s your name my beautiful boy? Have you ever been touched-”

“Alright brother, I think you’ve had enough wine for tonight,” Blaine interrupts him gently, placing a hand on Cooper’s arm and now turning towards Kurt who is still standing in front of their table, with his eyes wide and face scarlet red.

“Hey come on, I was just trying to get to know your servant, you need to know who’s working for you,” Cooper says, and now Kurt notices the audible slurring in his voice.

Blaine just shakes his head and huffs out a short laugh. “You can place the plate down now, my boy.”

Kurt nearly lets the plate drop. “Y-yes of course, I apologize, your majesty, I, uh, have a good meal,” he says, stuttering at nearly every word and his voice coming out even more high-pitched than usual.

“How long have you been working at my court, boy?”

At that, Kurt feels his insides churn. He’s made a mistake. Did something wrong. He knows it.

“…Two months, my lord,” he squeaks out, cold sweat beading on his forehead and a big lump forming in his throat.

“Oh, so that’s how I’ve never seen you here before. Are you of age, boy?” the king asks, and Kurt can’t help but feel exposed under the man’s searching stare.

“Yes, your majesty. I’ve turned of age last month.”

A smile spreads over Blaine’s face at that, and Kurt doesn’t know if it’s a good or a bad sign.

“Good,” he says, turning his head towards one of his personal servants, “Tybalt, bring the boy to my rooms. And tell Madam Mirabelle and her girls to get him ready. I’ll be there after the festivities.”

“Hey, that’s not fair, little brother, I wanted to play with him,” Cooper whines with a small pout and it’s the last thing Kurt hears and sees before he’s grabbed by the arm and pulled away, out of the hall.

The man, Tybalt, doesn’t talk to him, doesn’t even look at him, and Kurt begins to panic.

What’s going to happen? Is the king going to punish him? But why would he do so in the privacy of his rooms? And why would that require him to get ready for something?

He soon gets a better idea of what is going on once he’s left in the care of the women.

“Have you ever been touched before, my boy?” the eldest of them asks him, rubbing a warm and damp washcloth over the skin of his chest, the warm sound of her voice and the gentleness of her touch reminding him of his mother and making him relax a little.

“No, not yet,” he replies in a soft voice, letting out a small sigh when another woman begins rubbing a good-smelling lotion into his skin, “Why do you ask?”

“Oh my dear, our majesty is going to be the first then,” the older woman tells him, a small smile spreading over her wrinkled face as she reaches for a comb, “You’ve been granted a big honor, I hope you know that.”

Kurt’s body freezes. “What…?” he asks, his voice quivering and his eyes widening as he turns his head to follow the woman who is taking her seat behind him.

“The king usually doesn’t pick servants to share his bed with, it means he must find you extraordinarily pretty, my boy,” she replies and begins to comb through his hair.

Kurt’s chest clenches unpleasantly, along with his stomach. So that’s what this is about.

He endures the rest of the preparations in silence, merely nodding and forcing himself to smile whenever one of the women talks to him. He digs his nails into the flesh of his hands to keep himself from bursting into tears the whole time.

Kurt thinks of all the times he’s been dreaming about being with his king, and he wonders if that’s his punishment for fantasizing about such a frivolous thing.

“Look at you,” the older woman says after they’re done, letting her eyes sweep over Kurt’s appearance with a look of awe on her face, “Such a pretty thing, I understand why our king has picked you,” she continues and the other younger women hum in response, admiring Kurt, whose pale skin is glowing in contrast to the black embroidered silk robe his body is veiled in.

Then, he’s left alone.

Minutes feel like hours, and with every fresh breath he takes, Kurt can feel a new wave of nausea rushing through him. The women had told him to not be afraid, that their king was a gentle man and Kurt knows this, knows that he won’t suffer any pain. But, he’s never done anything like that before. He’s never even been kissed, so how was he supposed to please the king without any knowledge about these kind of things?

Kurt realizes there’s nothing he can do. He focuses on things like how good is skin is smelling after all the balms and lotions have been rubbed into it. He buries his nose into the crook of his arm and inhales deeply. His fingers run over the smooth fabric of his robe over and over again, amazed at how smooth and soft it feels beneath his palm and admiring the beautiful embroidery on it.

Then footsteps approach. And Kurt’s heart nearly stops.

“Ah, there you are,” Blaine’s voice is soft, and a small smile is playing on his lips as he walks into the room, only wearing a long dark red tunic, black chausses and leather boots in the same color.

“Y-yes, your majesty,” Kurt replies, his voice barely louder than a whisper. He bows his head, demonstrating complete submission to his king, and he hopes the other man won’t pick up on his nervousness.

“Did you enjoy the ministrations from my servants, boy?” Blaine asks him, sitting down on the bed, and facing Kurt, who is still crouching on the floor.

“Yes, my lord. Thank you, my lord,” Kurt responds, unable to hide the tremor in his voice.

“You like the robe?”

“Yes, your majesty, it’s…it’s beautiful,” Kurt whispers, gently brushing a thumb over the silk.

“I thought so,” Blaine chuckles, “I’ve been watching you from the corner for a while, you also seem to like the lotions they put on you, and well, I agree, you smell delicious.”

Kurt doesn’t know what to reply. Within seconds his face is burning hotly as a crimson blush spreads over his cheeks, and he’s left with a dumbfounded look on his face as he stares up into the other man’s eyes.

“If you want, you can keep the robe,” Blaine says, and begins pulling off his boots.

Kurt knows that he’s supposed to thank his lord for such a gracious offer, but he’s completely unable to produce any words. In fact, he’s unable to do anything at this point.

“Come up here, sit down next to me,” Blaine suddenly says, and Kurt’s breath hitches in his chest as he obeys.

“What’s your name?”


“So, Kurt, you have done this before, haven’t you?” Blaine wants to know, reaching his arm out to place it on his back, and for a quick moment Kurt thinks about lying about his inexperience, in fear of disappointing the other man.

Instead, he shakes his head, swallowing hardly before turning his head slightly to face his king, but still keeping his eyes downcast. “No, your majesty. I’ve…I’ve never been…with someone before.”

At that, Blaine’s eyes widen in surprise. “Really? With someone of your beauty, I would have thought you’re no stranger to these kind of things.”

“I-I don’t know what to say, your majesty, I-…” Kurt is speechless. Did the king really just compliment him? Him, who’s nothing but a mere servant at the bottom of the court?

“Do you have friends here, Kurt? Do you like it here?”

“Uh,” Kurt pauses, struggling for the right words to say, “It’s…uh, people are nice, I guess.”

Blaine chuckles, “You guess?”

It’s now that Kurt realizes just how flippant his language has gotten. “I’m sorry, my apologies, my lord, I didn’t mean to come across as disrespectful.”

“You weren’t, don’t worry. So, I take it, you haven’t really made any friends here so far?” Blaine asks in a gentle tone and somehow Kurt finds himself slowly relax as the king begins rubbing small circles over his back.

“No, people…make fun of me,” he replies, and then it’s back, the feeling of sadness and loneliness he’s been trying to fight for the past two months.

“Why do people make fun of you, my boy?”

“I don’t know, they…make fun of my voice, and how…,” Kurt pauses, carefully glancing at the king’s face from the corner of his eyes, “…womanish I am.”

Blaine’s forehead furrows in a small frown. “Don’t listen to them, they’re silly.”

Kurt swallows hardly. “But they’re right, my lord. I’m not like the other boys, I…don’t like fighting, it ruins your clothes and makes you dirty and leaves scars on your skin,” he says, pausing and knitting his brows together as he thinks of more reasons as to why the ridicule he has to endure is justified, “and I like pretty dresses and flowers, and…romance.”

Kurt dares another glance at the man next to him, wondering if he’s said something wrong when Blaine isn’t responding right away.

“Well, then I’m womanish too,” the king then says, shrugging a little and shooting Kurt a small smile.

Kurt’s head now fully turns to the side, facing the man with wide eyes and a look of shock on his face. “My Lord, I…no, I-”

“Hush, boy. Don’t be afraid, you’ve said nothing wrong,” Blaine assures him, bringing his hand up to squeeze Kurt’s shoulder, “I might like fighting, but I agree about the dirt and scars, and well, I love flowers and pretty dresses too, even though I don’t wear them myself, of course,” he pauses and lets out a small laugh.“Imagine that, your king presenting himself to his kingdom and people in a dress, wearing a flower crown.”

At that, Kurt can’t keep the corners of his mouth from twitching before bursting out into soft giggles himself seconds later.

Blaine keeps talking to him, asking him several questions, wanting to know more about his life and story, and slowly Kurt relaxes. He replies with more ease and even allows himself to fully look into the king’s brown eyes, noticing how it causes his stomach to flutter with a warm and pleasant feeling.

“You’re so beautiful, Kurt,” Blaine whispers, leaning in closer, and it’s only now, that Kurt realizes just how close they’ve gotten. The king’s breath is tickling against his skin, warm and steady. When his eyes slowly begin darting between the man’s lips and his eyes, each of them capturing his attention for much longer than he should allow himself, Kurt nearly forgets that it’s the king, his lord, right in front of him.

However, what he doesn’t forget are the countless fantasies he’s had about the man, about the things they’ve done together. Of course, with Kurt not knowing too much, they mostly only consisted of lingering touches and gentle kisses and tight embraces, but it’s always been enough to make something hot twist in his stomach.

“Do you want to leave, Kurt?”

Kurt, a bit startled at the question, wrinkles his nose in confusion.

“Do you want me to leave, my lord?”

“No,” Blaine replies immediately, leaning in even closer, “How could I wish for that, you beautiful boy? But I don’t want to push you into anything, you’re still young and inexperienced. I’ve never forced anyone to share the bed with me, you need to know this. This is your decision, Kurt.”

Kurt licks his lips and lets his eyes sweep over Blaine’s face that is merely inches away from his own. Blood is drumming loudly in his ears and for a few moments he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t even think anything and just stares into the pair of eyes in front of him.

“I…,” he starts, his voice barely audible, “You can touch me, I would…like that, your majesty.”

“I would like that, too, Kurt,” Blaine says in a low voice and before Kurt has time to react, a pair of warm lips is pressing against his own.

It’s so much better than he’s imagined. Soft and warm and just the right amount of dominance and demand that sends a shiver down his spine and makes his back sink down against the mattress easily.

Blaine leads him through his first kiss, gently, and giving Kurt all the time to adjust to all these new and weird sensations that are running through his body and mind at the same time. There is a short moment that startles him, causing a small, surprised noise to come out, when Blaine’s tongue finds its way into his mouth but Kurt relaxes instantly, letting their tongues glide against each other as Blaine’s weight on top of him presses him further into the mattress.

When Blaine pulls apart, both of their lips are slightly swollen and tingling. Kurt already craves for the next kiss, the need to feel the warmth of the man’s mouth against his so strong that it nearly scares him.

“So gorgeous,” Blaine breathes, sliding the soft fabric of the robe down Kurt’s shoulders and revealing pale skin that glows in the dimly-lit room. “You look like an angel, you’re so beautiful.”

“T-thank you, my lord,” Kurt whispers before he starts chewing on his bottom lip in a bashful gesture, not quite knowing how to react to the compliments.

Then, Blaine’s lips are back, but not where Kurt expects them to be.

“M-my lord oh god,” Kurt gasps out, shocked at where Blaine’s mouth ends up.

Mhm,” is all that Blaine hums in response, gently sucking on the small pink nipple in his mouth and using the thumb of his hand to brush against the other one. Kurt closes his eyes, digging the back of his head against the pillow as his whole body begins to shiver under Blaine’s ministrations.

After what seems like an eternity, Blaine pulls away, breathing just as heavily as Kurt, and leaving the two small nubs of flesh glistening wet with saliva.

“I never…never knew you could…kiss each other there,” Kurt says, his eyelids fluttering as another warm wave is rushing through his body.

“You can kiss each other everywhere, my boy,” Blaine replies, grinning down at Kurt who is seemingly flustered at the words.

“Oh,” he breathes in response, swallowing hardly as the king leans down once again to capture his lips into a kiss, one that is much more heated and demanding than the first one.

Despite of this being their first time together, Blaine seems to know exactly where to touch and kiss to cause these small sparks to shoot through his body. Kurt wonders if it’s because his king is such a smart man or maybe it’s something one just knows.

It doesn’t take long until Kurt’s expensive robe is disregarded on the floor, along with Blaine’s tunic, chausses and underwear. And even though Kurt has seen plenty of other naked men before, he can’t help the small gasp at seeing Blaine, his king, completely naked in front of him, with his thick and long cock flushed and erect.

Everything feels good, way too good. Good to the point where Kurt begins to panic because there’s so much heat buzzing beneath his skin and the throbbing between his legs is growing more intense with every drag of Blaine’s lips or fingers against his skin.

“My Lord, I-I feel so weird.”

“Shhh, there’s nothing for you to be afraid of. Does this feel good?” Blaine asks, with a smirk spreading over his lips seconds later when Kurt reacts to Blaine’s fingers wrapping around his hardening cock with a startled moan.

“O-oh god, Blai-, my lord, I-” Kurt gasps out, lifting his head up to look down where his king’s hand is slowly starting to stroke his throbbing cock to complete hardness.

“Do you like that?” Blaine asks, still wearing his smirk.

“Y-yes, oh god, please.”

“Please what, my boy?”

“Please, my king, please,” Kurt whispers, squeezing his eyes shut as Blaine’s hand lets go off his cock and trails down, behind his balls, and a little bit further, until his thumb is brushing over the puckered skin of his entrance.

“Do you want me to take you, Kurt? Do you want me to make you mine?” Blaine’s voice, husky and low, is the last straw and Kurt lets himself float, letting go of the last small restraints that have been keeping him sane.

He replies to Blaine’s questions with a small whimper, opening his eyes and looking up into his king’s eyes with a pleading stare.

“If I hurt you, you tell me, alright?”

Kurt nods, biting his lips and clenching his fists into the sheets of the bed as he feels a small surge of nervousness inside his stomach.

“Turn around.”

Kurt obeys, shuddering slightly at the demanding tone in his king’s voice. He’s unable to see what Blaine is gathering from his nightstand, but a few moments later, he realizes what it is when a warm hand digs into the soft flesh of his ass, pulling a round cheek to the side to expose his hole. Seconds later, a wet fingertip, lubricated with oil, begins to circle his entrance.

“Oh, oh- I,” Kurt stutters out, keeping his mouth open and his face settling into a small frown at the weird sensation of having someone touch him there.

“Shhh, I’ll go slow, I promise,” Blaine’s murmurs in response, leaning down to plant a small soft kiss against Kurt’s shoulder and continuing to rub his finger over the twitching muscle.

Just when Kurt thinks he’s grown accustomed to the weird feeling, Blaine pushes inside, his finger sliding in easily due to the slick oil.

For a second, Kurt just stops breathing, his eyes wide and mouth still hanging open in a silent gasp.

“Are you alright, Kurt?” Blaine asks with a concerned tone in his voice, the fingers of his free hand brushing gently over the pale skin of Kurt’s ass.

“Y-yes, I-”

“It feels weird, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Kurt breathes, nodding his head, “But it feels good, just move, just do something.”

Too late does he realize that he’s just indirectly given his king an order, but he’s way too far gone to notice. And as it seems, Blaine is more than willing to obey Kurt’s wishes and begins thrusting his finger in and out, stretching the tight muscle, and soon adding a second one.

“Look at you, Kurt, such a good boy, taking my fingers so good,” Blaine murmurs, unable to tear his eyes away from where his slick fingers keep sliding into the tight hole.

“Thank you, my lord, a-ah, it feels so good,” Kurt pants, his flushed cheek rubbing against the soft fabric of the pillow as he tries to stick his ass up higher, needing more of that wonderful full feeling inside of him.

“I can’t wait to bury myself into your sweet body, Kurt. You’re gonna take me so well, you’re gonna look so good, stretched around my cock and letting me pound into you,” Blaine says, voice raspy and low, and Kurt never wants him to stop talking, soaking up every word, no matter how dirty it is.

The stretch is bigger with three fingers now moving inside him, but Kurt doesn’t feel any pain, it’s just a small burn that soon fades once he concentrates on how good it feels, how good it feels to be filled.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” Blaine groans, his mouth close to Kurt’s ear, and the boy can’t help but clench down around the fingers as a small moan escapes him. Moments later, the fingers are gone.

Just when a feeling of emptiness starts to spread through him, two hands settle on his hips, gently urging him to roll over. “I want to look into your pretty face,” is all that Blaine whispers as he grabs Kurt’s long and pale legs, spreading them further apart, before something big and blunt and just as slick as the fingers before begins to press against his hole.

Kurt knows, that with Blaine’s gentleness, there’s no need to feel afraid, but he still can’t stop the single tear rolling down his cheek, caused by too many emotions running through him at once.

Blaine stops and leans down, planting a kiss against the wet cheek. Kurt closes his eyes, focusing on the warm lips of his king against his skin, before Blaine drags his mouth further down, brushing over Kurt’s lips and kissing him gently as he begins to slowly push inside.

It’s overwhelming, the stretch, the fullness, but Kurt tells himself to relax, clinging onto Blaine who’s on top of him by wrapping his arms around his his neck and his legs around his king’s waist.

“You’re so tight, so good,” Blaine pants, not even half-way in, and Kurt wonders how the whole length is supposed to fit inside him. But then, somehow, it does and Kurt nearly forgets to breathe for a few seconds.

“Are you in pain, Kurt?” Blaine asks then, his voice trembling, and there’s so much concern in his voice that Kurt can’t help but pull the man on top of him closer.

“It burns a little, b-but it’s good,” Kurt whispers with a small smile on his lips, looking up at his king through half-lidded eyes, “I’m fine, your majesty.”

Blaine returns the smile and presses a kiss against the boy’s temple. Slowly, he begins rolling his hips, setting a slow and steady rhythm, that has both men moan every time Blaine is sinking back into the slick and tight heat of Kurt’s body.

It doesn’t take long until Blaine’s movements become less controlled, and soon, encouraged by Kurt’s very loud begging and pleading, Blaine’s hips keep snapping forward in hard and quick thrusts.

“Oh godohgodohgod, Blaine,” Kurt is nearly screaming by now, his face flushed red, his skin damp with sweat and his head trashing wildly against the pillows with the constant sparks of pleasure rushing through his systems every time the head of the other man’s cock drags against his sweet spot. He’s lost, lost in all kind of different sensations running through him that he’s completely unaware of him addressing his king by his name.

“Yeah that’s it, take me, Kurt. Such a good boy,” Blaine growls, reaching down, and wrapping his hand around the boy’s cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts.

“M-my lord, oh god I, I-, something’s happening with me, oh god, my king-”

Kurt stops. His jaw goes slack and then, seconds later, a tingling sensation begins to wash over his body, making him spasm and cry out before hot and white streaks of come begin spurting out of his pulsing cock.

Blaine follows moments later.

And Kurt can feel it, can feel Blaine’s cock pull inside of him, can feel him spill deep inside his body, filling him up with slick come.

He’s never felt more content.

“You can stay for the night, if you want to.”

Blaine’s soft voice pulls him out of his drowsy state, and it takes a few seconds before Kurt’s fully aware of his surroundings. His head is still dizzy, but the strong heat inside of him is fading, leaving him with a warmth, that’s pleasant and soothing. Just like Blaine’s arms around his waist.

“Thank you, my lord,” he whispers in response, snuggling up closer to the warm body next to him.

“Do you want to go on a ride with me tomorrow?”

Kurt lifts his head, blinking. “Your majesty, I…I have duties, I need to work in the kitchen tomorrow.”

Blaine just smiles and brings one of his hands up to rest on Kurt’s head, before gently running his fingers through the soft hazel hair.

“I think Madam Margany can do without your services for tomorrow, especially if…the king requires your company.”

“You…want me to spend time with you, my lord?” Kurt asks, licking his lips and trying to keep the corners of his mouth from twitching upwards.

“Yes, I do,” Blaine replies, leaning in and placing a soft kiss against Kurt’s temple. “To be honest, I wish for you to spend a lot of time with me, my dear boy.”

Kurt doesn’t know what to reply, so instead, he just finally allows the smile, that’s been tugging at the corner of his lips.

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